Hastings Bonfire 16th October 2021

Torchlit Procession with Fireworks along the route, Drumming, Bonfire, Effigy and Grand Finale Firework Display on the beach. This is a 'no ticket' event put on by the hard work and determination of HBBS volunteers.

2020 Bonfire Celebration CANCELLED

With regret Hastings Borough Bonfire Society has cancelled the 2020 annual Hastings Bonfire Celebration, which was due to take place on Saturday 10th October. 

Hastings Borough Council recently announced that all events on council land will not be permitted until at least November, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. 

Heather Leech, Chairman of the Society said "It is with great sadness that we have to cancel this year's annual Bonfire Celebration, however, we fully support and understand the council's decision.” 

“Our membership is made up entirely of volunteers who work all year-round to fundraise and hold the event that brings thousands of people to the town every year. Rest assured, the membership will continue with their efforts and will bring Hastings Bonfire back with a bang in 2021!" 

Hastings Bonfire 2021 is scheduled to take place on Saturday 16th October 2021. Please follow the Hastings Borough Bonfire Society Facebook page for updates, or visit this website www.hbbs.info for more information.

For full details of the 2021 event please see the EVENT INFORMATION page click here.

Who are we?

We are a group of volunteers who make Hastings Bonfire the largest single Bonfire celebration in Sussex! This fantastic event is put on through the dedication and sheer hard work of the members and volunteers. It is financed by: Fundraising of HBBS Members,     Renegade Pyrotechnics,     Our Sponsors,  additional services provided by Hastings Borough Council e.g. road sweeping, public toilets and the use of Pelham Place Carpark.

We always welcome new members and volunteers. See Support or Membership for more information. 

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2019 Hastings Bonfire Celebration

What a spectacular event we had this year. It's almost impossible to highlight specific points that went so well but I shall try. During the day the canons firing a 25 gun salute with our ladies dressed so fine desperately trying to keep up with men marching in uniform. All this set the day off to great effect. 45 Guys made by local children whichw ere then placed on the bonfire on the beach. Nearly £6000 collected for charity- an outstanding sum. The procession with well made torches so the route lit the whole way, underpinned by careful planning at the start re the lighting and cheeky enemy heads too. The cracker-points provided sound and thrill which more than covered the no drop down rule. The Cyril and Lilan Bishop observance established so quickly and will be a new Hastings feature. Then on a beautiflly made beach site- not a glamorous job arranging barriers but one of the most essential done by that unseen team of grafters. Then an appropriate Bonfire effigy with Guy fawkes bursting out a cake to end with a wonderful fireworks display- obviously the best this Sussex Bonfire Season. Marshals working all night in the route and the fire-site. Clear up instantly the next morning by that team of committed people- always more needed to ease the burden. Thank you to everyone who was involved. It was a tremendous night- we are really proud of what we can achieve together. - Heather HBBS Chairman

Collecting for Charity £5500!

A big thank you to the charities that came and collected at this years Hastings Bonfire.   Every charity that collects keeps most of their total amount raised. We are always looking for new local charities to come along and collect during the procession and have lots of fun along the way. If your charity would be interested in collecting at our next event please contact Michelle Captain of Collectors on collections@hbbs.info Thank you.


Hastings Borough Bonfire Society makes an effigy of something that is in the news, usually locally. Our effigy is either a celebration or something for current debate. We do not have an opinion when we burn the effigy and blow it up with fireworks. The idea is to make people think about and discuss that topic.
See our effigies from 1995 to 2019. Which are celebrations? Which are to promote debate?

Bonfire in Sussex is unparalleled!

There are many different Bonfire Societies each holding their own event and attending each others. Celebrations last from the start of September to almost the end of November! See Sussex Bonfire Dates. Bonfire celebrates and remembers the overthrow of 1605 Gunpowder Plot to blow up The Houses of Parliament. Its origins begun in the The Observance of 5th November Act or "Thanksgiving Act" - Act of the Parliament of England passed in 1606. The law was repealed on 25 March 1859 by Anniversary Days Observance Act as religious tolerance became more widespread. Today, there is no religious context to our event. We remember the historical events, and give thanks for freedom, democracy and tolerance. Our burning crosses remind us of all martyrs who have died for the rights of religious freedom, and the poppies commemorate those who have died for our democracy and freedom. See History of Bonfire or Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night for Children for more information.


The Tradition of Bonfire in Hastings

Hastings Bonfire Tradition. from Reel Connection Films on Vimeo.

25 Years Ago - Hastings Bonfire 1995


Hastings Bonfire 2019
Fireworks 2019


America Ground Declaration 2019


The Winners of the 2019 Guy Competition



Beacon of Remembrance 1918-2018 from Reel Connection Films on Vimeo.