Our next Procession &  Bonfire is Saturday 13th October 2018


"Tanaka Hikiri Matzumoto – 5 star "Been watching the bonfire society displays and processions since I was a child. The care and effort they put in to the planning and delivery of their magnificent displays year on year is outstanding and sum up Hastings as a place perfectly. If you ever get the chance to get down during a bonfire society event you will not be disappointed! Bonfire night is the high point of every year in Hastings and is really unmissable! Great work boys and girls x"  

Josh Dando – 5 star "Another incredible night thanks to everyone involved! Especially after all the trouble with stolen fireworks. Proud to be a Hastonion/Hastinger!"

Vicky Fraser – 5 star "Amazing my daughter loved it 2 I have been coming down from West Midlands for 9 years n I love Hastings n there bonfire displays xxx"

Carla Parnell Leach – 5 star "Having been to other 'bigger' bonfires I can still say that Hastings always wins for me! A safe, friendly atmosphere, lots of fun and always a huge amount of dedication. Keep up the good work!"

Luke Mud Richards – 5 star "By far the best bonfire I have ever attended. Highly recommended"  

If you enjoy Hastings and other Sussex Bonfires  why not become a member? Just the financial support of receiving your membership fee helps us to raise the £20,000.00 or so it costs to put on the event but, as a member, you have the opportunity to take part in ours and other Sussex Bonfires throughout September, October and November next year. We are always looking for keen people to help plan and execute the event or sponsor us  or just support the fund raising we do throughout the year or just join  and see what a supportive, open and fun group we are.
So why not fill in the membership form and give us a try? Or give HBBS  membership as a birthday or special occasion present? Membership only costs £15 for an adult,  £15 for an adult & under 18s at the same address   and £30 for a family of 2 adults & under 18s at the same address.  See below  or our membership page



Hastings Borough Bonfire Society would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who turned out and supported our event.



We are aware of queries regarding the torches and bangs in the procession. The torches were almost impossible to light at the beginning of the procession as they (and we) were drenched by the substantial downpour at the start. Once we collected new torches in the Old Town the procession was fully lit. Due to health and safety, and individual vociferous public complaints about the noise from the bangs in the procession last year, the Safety Advisory Group enforced the requirement that no fireworks be discharged on the highway which means the procession were prevented from using them. We are as sorry about this as many of you are.


We would like to say a huge thank you to all our members, and many other volunteers and services, who supported Hastings Celebrates 950 event in addition to Hastings Borough Bonfire 2016. People worked Thursday, Friday and Saturday to build the bonfire, put up barriers and fuse the fireworks. Our marshals were patrolling roads all day. Other members worked all day on organising the guy making workshop and competition. We had lots of guys –thank you! Next year we are hoping to display them at the fire site so they will be easier to view. We would also like to thank everyone who turned up at 8.30am on a wet and windy Sunday to clear up. It is the community spirit of the fantastic individuals in our town who give freely of their time and effort to make this town such a great place to live.



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HBBS fireworks are provided by Renegade Pyrotechnics who  have been providing professional firework displays for over 30 years. They provide private and public displays that are competitively priced. Trusted for over 30 years with a clean safety record, Renegade Pyrotechnics will make your wedding, anniversary, birthday, prom, festival or holiday celebrations truly memorable. 


Hastings Bonfire is a free event, funded by Hastings Borough Bonfire Society. 


    HBBS hosts and attends many events throughout the year; have a look at our Events page


The event costs  £20,000 or so to put on, so we are grateful for all grants, sponsorship, donations and support of our fundraising events.  We fund raise in various ways, for example: sponsored events, ceilidhs  applications for grants and sponsorship in order that this event can remain free for everyone to enjoy. If you enjoyed our event please become a member and support us. Even if you are not able to make a time commitment to helping your membership will support the work we do. 

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Organised for us all to enjoy by Hastings Borough Bonfire Society ~ keeping the Sussex Bonfire Tradition burning brightly in Hastings    

Hastings Borough Bonfire Society's purpose is to:

  • uphold the Sussex tradition of celebrating with bonfire, procession and fireworks the thwarting of the Gunpowder Plot, November 5th 1605 .
  • enjoy ourselves and have fun.
  • provide a wonderful free event for Hastings.
  • invite other bonfire societies, drummers and participants to join our celebration.
  • collect for local charities
  • raise money for our bonfire to happen
  • .. and have FUN!
Remember Remember the fifth of November
The gunpowder treason and plot. 
I see no reason why gunpowder treason 
should ever be forgot. 

Full chant

Hastings Bonfire Night is held on the last Saturday of Hastings Week and near to October 14th  which is Battle of Hastings Day when Harold's Saxon army was defeated by William the Conqueror and the Norman invaders on the most famous date in history: 1066!


Hastings Borough Bonfire Society advocates sensible drinking and safety. See our Safety page.


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