The Hastings Borough Bonfire Society Smugglers Costume was adopted when the society re-formed in 1995. We chose the Cinque port colours of Hastings: red, gold and royal blue as our signature colours.  

Members please read the guidelines in the Membership Section.

Avoid the use of flammable materials or nylon.


  • Red, gold and royal blue horizontally striped smugglers  jumper
  • Dark blue or black cotton trousers (no blue jeans).
  • Red bandanna or suitable hat in keeping with smugglers.


  • Sleeveless jerkin
  • Wide leather belt
  • Red socks
  • Stout boots


  • Black face (water based black face paint)
  • Enamel badges to decorate your costume
  • Red, gold and royal blue striped bobble hat.
  • Red, gold and royal blue striped mittens.
  • Ear plugs & safety glasses for those of a nervous disposition.

Smugglers always march in processions behind the society banner at the front in strict ranks of three.

The alternative costume is a black tailcoat with a top hat and the societies colours attached usually with ribbons. These march behind those in stripes

Other costumes may be permissible if they are in keeping with the tradition of Guy Fawkes and Bonfire. These march at the back in processions.

    The costume featured in the very  first newsletter in May 1995.

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