2016 Norman Longboat
950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings

Photo by Andrew Clifton 



2015 Seagulls


2014 "No Service" proposed cuts to bus services


2013 "Helter Skelter" an art installation on a roundabout


2012 Celebration


2011 Off With Their Hoodz


2010 Pirate Day


2009 Greedy Pig Bankers


2008 An Art Gallery


2007 Wheelie bins and Smoking ban

2006 Hands off the Conquest


2005 400th Anniversary of the gunpowder plot

2004 Katie Price- I’m a celebrity


2003 Nodding donkey for planned hotel on bonfire site

2002 Saddam Hussein


2001 John Logie Baird

2000 Protest on drinking byelaws


1999 Parking Attendants

1998 White Elephant Rides


1997 Memorial Clock Tower

(The Town Council were undecided whether to build a new clock tower to replace the original Albert Memorial Clock Tower damaged by arson in 1973)

1996 A Giant Hamburger

1995 A Picture post card




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