Please be safe and enjoy the event!

The event is usually crowded. It will be very noisy with loud bangs. There will be burning torches, sparks and fireworks.

Please do not

  • Pick up discarded torches; they will be collected by the Society after the procession
  • Pass any fence or barrier; they are for your safety
  • Light or throw any fireworks or bangers; it is an offence to discharge fireworks on a highway and extremely dangerous
  • Climb over move barriers or enter restricted areas on the firesite after the event; there could be live shells around. It takes about 45 mins to declare the area safe
  • Gather around the fire after the event
  • Join the procession: it is for members of the Societies who are aware of health and safety procedures.

Please do

  • Obey any instructions from the Police or Marshals
  • Stand well back and allow the procession room to pass safely
  • Keep pets away; they don't like fireworks and sudden noise


  • Plenty of time to travel to and from the event.
  • Roads are closed on the route.
  • Car parks near the event quickly fill up.
  • Trains and buses can become very crowded.

Hastings Borough Bonfire Society Advocates safe drinking.  



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